making fashion product database by web search

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Hello, we are operating trading company about fashion goods. and We are hiring part time job. 

required skill : web search through browser, clipping box web site(account provided), photoshop basic skill(stamp tool)

Details are as follows. We can negotiate salary and job scope.

1 Product DB creation part-time work

(1) Business summary

-Each product picture is received by e-mail every Monday at 12 am and Wednesday at 12 am (Korea time) and the work is completed by 8 pm (Korea time) on the day.

-The workload is around 50 (EA) per week, but the workload may increase in the future.

(2) Information to be entered in the product DB

-Material (up to 1 text)

-Details (up to 8 texts)

-Product picture (up to 15 captures)

-Model picture (up to 5 captures)

(3) Salary (up to $0.3 per product)

-$0.01 per material

-$0.01 per detail

-Product detail photo without watermark $0.015

-Detailed product watermark with $0.007

-Model wearing photo without watermark $0.015

-Model wearing photo with watermark $0.007

(If possible, add up to 10 photos without watermark)

50 * $0.3 = $15 when working with 50 products per week.

(4) Instructions

-Example of file name ex) Detailed photo of product #1 Example of file name 20200705-1-1, 20200705-1-2, others

-The cleanest background is important

-Excluding duplicate photos

-Excluding other quality photos

-Excluding multiple watermarks

-One watermark is allowed. However, watermarks with a horizontal size of 50% or more based on the horizontal size of the product photo are excluded.

2 Remove the background of the photo (remove the background, leaving only the product)

(1) Business summary

-Every Monday, Wednesday at 10 PM (Korea time), receive product photos by e-mail and complete work by 5 PM (Korea time) the next day.

-The workload is around 50 to 70 in one week on Monday and Wednesday, but the workload may increase in the future.

(2) Maintenance fee

-$0.1 per photo

-Assuming 50 sheets per week, $5 per week

(3) Instructions

-Work online through the Clipping Box website (provided ID)

-Make sure to work with corners, borders, and hangers.

-No other work on the clipping website

Details and methods will be guided separately to those who applied separately.
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